My name is Julie De Santo, I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I know that just like our bodies are designed to heal broken bones, cuts, and bruises, our brains are built to heal emotional pain. My ultimate goal is to help individuals to assimilate and desensitize negative experiences that continue to have a negative impact on their lives. To do this, I support clients in learning to access the intrinsic healing power of their own bodies and brains to achieve relief, which leads to the restoration of balance, resiliency, and a sense of joy.

I work with people of all ages who suffer with a whole host of symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression, PTSD, addictions of all kinds, the inability to regulate emotions, and chronic pain, to symptoms of low self esteem and difficulty in relationships. Because so much of the pain I see on a daily basis is related to negative childhood experiences—growing up with addicted parents, neglect, emotional abuse, etc.—I also find it  rewarding to work with couples and young families to help them to break out of old, negative patterns so they build happier, healthier futures for everyone involved. My hope is to prevent the young children of today from entering my office as young adults tomorrow.